The problem with calling it "real-time clock" is that basically anyone is going to imagine something different.

Personally, what I would (ideally) like to see is simply having a full cycle (not just binary day/night switch, but the day going from dawn to dusk and vice-versa for the night).
To what degree of compression, what an in-game hour should correspond to, etc, etc..? That's all secondary, all fine-tuning that becomes somewhat relevant only once the core mechanics are in place.

My previous suggestion that the "clock should freeze" when even just one player is in turn-based mode is not even strictly a "preference" as much as a *NECESSITY* to make multiplayer work with a day/night cycle.
Why it is important to make it work? For several reasons, but above all for two main ones:
1) Because MP is a selling point for Larian and they are not going to give up on it, so it's mandatory to address the issue.
2) Because Larian itself in the past used the excuse of the problem with "syncing players clocks" as one of their main arguments to NOT have a day/night cycle, so suggesting a *feasible* design solution that would satisfy both parties is a necessity to even begin this conversation.

But these are all points I already argued more than a year ago when I made a thread about this same topic:

And then countless times again since then...

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