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More specifically, people want a Realtime clock experience like BG1 and 2.

This really surprised me, actually. I didn't realize that Realtime clock was so important to a majority. I knew people wanted it, but I thought people would gravitate towards one of the more simpler Day/Night Cycle approaches.
One of the main benefits of Day&night is creation of feelng of passing time. real time clock more or less makes it feel natural - having time passing tied to arbitrary actions, like resting, which may happen often or very rarely would result in the system not fulfilling its function, even if it was implemented in it's most basic, cosmetic way. I see little difference between time of day changing when resting, and it being always day when we explore, and it being always night when we go to sleep in camp. You could theoretically find an intuitive thing to tie passing of time to, like DIsco Elysium does with conversations, but I can't think of anything that would fit.