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Again, the best solution is probably a system where you can set each reaction to: Off/Ask/On
Off: it won't ever trigger
Ask: you get a pop-up, timed with a slowdown or static until you click it. Exact implementation can vary
On: it triggers automatically when conditions are met

however i would much prefer the "ask" as default instead. prefer a pop-up static decision (game paused until i click it). that's acceptable since game is in turn-based in my opinion.
currently playing solasta and i must say the game is truly awesome!. the only issue i have is that it lacks polish and the visuals are dated. now in caer calem and i kinda love the game already!. it feels like a faithful adaptation to dnd5e.

i hope larian will really do bg3 justice. playing solasta getting me learning some dnd5e.. however, not sure if it's just me. there's no high ground advantage in solasta? i don't seems to get advantage when firing arrows from elevation.