Hello everyone !

I have a big problem and wondered if anyone had the same or if there is workaround/patch planned to fix that ? I'm pretty new, got the game a few days ago.
Here is the problem: I can't load my game anymore. Both manual saves and autosaves brings me to this result :

[Linked Image from i.ibb.co]

Half the UI is missing, there is nothing loaded except the terrain. No character, no sound, nothing. When I try to click anywhere, go to camp or open the map (the icons appears when you hover the mouse to where they are supposed to be) the game just crashes.

So basically :

- Open the game though Steam, Larian launcher, launch game with Vulkan -> OK
- Loads to main screen -> OK
- Select continue/load game - manual save/load game - autosave -> OK
- Loading screen -> OK
- Game loaded -> KO ( Only terrain loaded, no assets, no characters, no sound. Clicks anywhere, game freezes and crash.)

I have played for more than 12 hours and had no problem so far except some bugs and bumps, but it's an early acess game after all. Thing is that time, I can't play at all anymore.
Haven't changed anything in my hardware or software, no drivers or windows update. Played just fine for 12 hours on this save so far.

Does anyone have a workaround or knows if the devs are aware of this ... ?

Thank you

EDIT: I seems to have managed to find a workaround. Loaded a very old autosave file, it loaded normally. Then from the loaded old autosave, I loaded my latest manual save file. It loaded ! I'm going to test this again if it keeps happening, will keep updates.

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