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I'm for 4 in the party. Look below, really wanna more?

Exploring the Dungeon
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

(main reason for 4 is for me, I don't want to deal with 6, no more Pathfinder etc. please. 6 is ok for RTC, 4 is good for TBC)

Ok. So. Here we go again.

If we go with Party of 4 max, I CANNOT have a party of 6. I am limited and I don't get what I want.

If we go with party of 6 max, I get what I want and so do you. Why? Because if you don't want 6 people in your party because it's just too much, you can tell whoever to shove it and go away. YOU can tell Lae'zel, "Sorry, we're full up."

So, everyone wins with party of 6. Based on poll, if we go with party of 4, a majority of people don't win with party of 4 because a majority of people want party of 6.

It's no different from those who want to solo the entire game. It's built for a party, but they choose to run around by themselves because they can and like the challenge.

All we want is the OPTION built by Larian, not mods because many of us hate them, to play as a party of 6. Then give us difficulty settings, as promised, so if we think party of 6 is too easy, we can up the difficulty. Everyone wins. Everyone is happy.

Party of 4. Not everyone is happy.

Its really just as simple as this. Not sure why Larian wants to push their agenda on restricting with 4.
Probaly because of mutiplayer and or split screen? Maybe even due to the horribal chain control system they use for consoles... i guess we will never know, because Sven doesn't have the courage to just say it?>

Btw what game is in the screenshot?:)

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