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A party of 6 would make rework of the encounters necessary, despite what friends of the party of 6 say.
Even when "friends of the party of 6" (minus GM4Him ... he is lobing for 5e stats strongly in many topics) litteraly said that they dont want any encoutners rework?

I mean that is exactly the result you get if you are using the mod ...
Your amount of party members is incerased by 2 ... NOTHING else changes ... sure, it screws many things in game, especialy around ballance ... and that is EXACTLY and PRECISELY the reason "friends of the party of 6" suggested that there should be warning sign next to this option clearly stating:
"WARNING: This game was created and ballanced for party of 4 ... if you pick this option, you will not have that kind of experience we planned for you ... but feel free to, if you wish it anyway."

So no rework of the encounters (or any other rule in fact) is necessary. wink

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BTW why a party of only 6? Because it is in the DnD rules?
I dont think it is rules ...
Its more like *the* number people are used to, doubt there is any deeper reason. laugh

Also there is that small and insignificant fact that Swen himself claimed that they *know* that most people *will* require party of 6, since they are used to that from previous BG games (and many others) so they shall create whole UI with this in mind and friendly to any 6member party mod ...
And some us simply come to conclusion that since all the mod do is change single value from 4 to 6 ... it would be really nice gesture from Larian if they would include its function to game itself. smile

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Why not a party of 8 or 10
Using the mod, we can create party of 8 top ... since there is no more characters right now and once you started with 4 custom characters, you cant recruit anyone else for some reason. laugh

I tryed it once ... it was ... well, not bad, but also not exactly good ... combat was soooooo fucking trivial, so many enemies didnt even get a change to attack me i was able to loot half of the map and still was not encumbered, i had so many spellslots so i could wipe out half of the map and still have some reserves. laugh
All said figuratively ofc ...
Anyway it was not exactly fun for me ... but if someone wants it, why not ... the mod is right there. laugh

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