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The Help action is kinda squishy in tabletop, since it's got a fair amount of DM discretion built into it.

In simplest terms, you use your action to give another creature advantage on the next 'thing' they do against a particular creature. Usually that's an attack roll, but it's not hard defined.

Solasta has a few context-based help actions where you can just click on the creature needing help, but haven't implemented a full help action with its full flexibility. BG3 hasn't touched it yet, and I don't think they will, at this rate.

the latest solasta DLC lost valley has this new fighter archetypes called Commander. it provide a small aoe to allies by giving them advantage. also the new Paladin archetypes The Oath of Judgement channel divinity can restrain the target giving advantage to party. i believe they remove the help action to put it into classes/archetypes instead?