Quite possibly - Since Solasta only has licence for the SRD, they have to homebrew the vast majority of their class archetypes. What's noteworthy is that in doing so they've demonstrated a very strong understanding of 5e design philosophy, and a degree of care and attention to it; they've created dozens of class archetypes that are their own new(ish) things, and yet still manage to quite strongly capture the feeling of legitimate D&D/5e class archetypes. Some of them are a little bit over-strong, and some of them under-perform a little, but on the whole they've done really well. It's by no means perfect, and some of them probably wouldn't pass the unearthed arcana muster post.... but I'm a harsh critic, and generally speaking, they're very much designed in the spirit of the system, and with respect towards it, even if they don't have the official license.