All I want to say is that the new Solasta campaign is on such a higher tier of difficulty from the original campaign that I'm glad there's actually a fair amount of prompts there.

I've had situations where I didn't want to use the Shield spell to immediately block attacks directed at my Wizard because I needed their reaction available to Counterspell that enemy 5th level spell that I knew was coming later that turn. I would also purposefully try to bait an enemy counterspell so that they couldn't try to counter an even more important spell from my other spellcasters later that same turn. The idea of baiting enemies into wasting their reactions and resources is a concept that doesn't really exist in BG3 in any meaningful way at the moment. Though to be fair, that same concept didn't really exist in Solasta's original campaign because there weren't very many spellcasters or enemies even capable of utilizing reactions other than attacks of opportunities either.

Reactions probably aren't that important a thing in BG3's level 1-4 play right now. Once you hit 5+, you're going to WISH you had them. Not just for the ability to defend yourself during the enemy turn, but it's another avenue towards designing interesting combat scenarios too.