Inns and taverns!

Waukeens Rest is a huge missed opportunity.

Of all the quests, it outright sucks, and I avoid it.

FIX: Rethink the area and make it a thriving little outpost!

Fill it with patrons en-route to Elturel (and all points East) and those traveling from these places to the West.

The original game was so great at being aware of not only other places, but of future titles...dropping hints of Alm and Neverwinter, ect.

Mercs and quests! A place to make this chapter feel alive and lived in.

Here is a character that you can have for free: "The Storyteller". He sits by the hearth (as the fire cracks and roars) and tells stories from all the books he has read. Any book on the shelf he seems to know by heart. Remember all those interesting books from BG 1 & 2 that were great, but a little tedious to read.

Now you could stop there OR...

In Balder's Gate, at one of the Taverns...lo and behold, another great story teller.

Want to make it more fun? Its a changeling cursed to travel time and the Multiverse and experience events, yet is powerless to change anything.

A lot of what D&D is was imagined by H.P. Lovecraft, J.R.R.Tolkien, and Michael Moorcock (before my time, but I read them in High School).

Now Moorcock first imagined the alignment system (Good, Neutral, Evil, Chaos, The Grey Lords, and Law). The Eternal Champion was imagined in almost all of his books in his many Incarnations (Elric Corum, ect). Moorcock has been winked at in many titles, including Planescape Torment. He also coined the term Multiverse.

OK, so Moorcock's vision of time travel was refreshing, in that time was fixed. Powerful Beings sailed the Seas of Fate and would pull aspects of the Eternal Champion to fight at key points in History. It was interesting to read about the same encounter from two different points of view and through different eyes.

Have the changeling develop and at some point tell the main character that he has read about their story.

If Tav convinces the Storyteller to reveal what they know, then they excite the imagination but fall short of a final reveal. They suddenly shimmer out of existence. as their clothes fall limp and a small leather bound book tumbles to the floor.

The book is a biography of the Storyteller (Less than more). It's pages only open as their life unfolded (this was explained to you). The last page can final be turned...the one describing you and his end (still no reveal), but room for fun and creativity here.

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