I think adding some drawn portraits of the npcs as a nod to the old bg1/2 - they can still get steadily bloodier, but be in a painted art form

magical scrolls should be class specific - everyone being able to cast every spell in game as long as they have a scroll is immersion breaking

A few quests interactions should be class dependent - a thief could maybe teach the kids in the grove to be better thieves for example, at the moment I don't feel like I'm part of the world when I'm interacting and my class does not matter past combat

Because "everyone" you recruit is infected with the tadpole, it makes the situation feel very gamey.
not everyone that wants to help you needs to be in same situation with a different side quest?

where are all the slave collars the mind flayers use?

Larian is great at focusing on detail - please add this to things like your god choice for your cleric/paladin/warlock - it should effect more then combat, let our thoughts/prayers be influenced by our deity choices

in bg1 we jumped from map to map in to different parts of the wilderness, having a world map and locations being fairly far apart each area having secrets npcs encounters and magical equipment to find scattered around ( and multiple types of towns) made the world feel lived in - atm act one feels very close together
towns destroyed or on fire , the npcs that create the world feel like they are in an unknow wilderness just because we are, the world does not feel lived in.

Even the druids grove doesn't feel like a druids grove to me where are the druids patrolling the area , looking after the wildlife, why would an owl bear be left stabbed right next to the grove with out the druids doing something about it, where are the druids phycological dilemmas, the grove should be split in what to do about the refugees , on what will keep the balance, only one druid cares and wants to do the "good" thing

they dont feel like they want to keep the balance at all they just want to hide away inside there grove locked away from the outside world (nature included)

why is everyone getting drawn to a druid grove? even the mercenary's from Baldur's gate sent out by a wizard - the only reason everyone is at the grove is because there is no other "civilisation" even though there is a nearby destroyed town ( the goblins are in) and the burning down inn,

I feel like the Destroyed town would be so much more interesting if it was under siege by goblins, and the town was not abandoned, it had NPCS/villagers and the mercs could be in this town then getting dragged in to a goblin war, the town could be asking the grove for help , and halsin could have been captured trying to help them.