I have to say from immersion perspective BG3 EA is lacking so far and I think that's the only thing BG3 should really take from BG1 +2 ( Especially 2....I never liked the #1 tbh. Too old for comfort).

Most of those things were mentioned above. Few of my most missed friends from BG2:
1) Day night cycle[It didn't change anything gameplay wise almost....some missions were doable only at night etc but it didn't affect combat. It was just for immersion].
2) Ambient sounds TERRIBLY lacking in BG3( You basically walk through the map with only the soundtrack playing...Soundtrack is dope but gimme environmental sounds).
3) Those little events left and right with people asking for your help. Sometimes trying to manipulate you. Sometimes being 100% honest. Sometimes beeing to busy with their own things to look at you.( Early stages of Thieves vs Vampires guild war, the guy in the government district).

All those little things just made the world feel...authentic. While the whole game was almost entirely a straight corridor( Apart from the main city). All those little things are present in Mass Effect ( Bioware's production) and so far aren't to be found in BG3.

I hope "It's still EA" is the explanation but time is slowly running out and I doubt it's about EA. Shame. frown

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.