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The characters in DoS2 were quite well written (except for Beast, but it's a hopeless case that even DE couldn't fix it).
Characters have quite a lot of development during the game, even the Red Prince ceases to be annoying afterwards.
You might not like the fact that Fane or Prince are terribly cocky, even though it fits their story.

I actually liked Fane. He had the most interesting background and has development that's front and center throughout the entire game. Red Prince was probably my second favorite. I think those two helped build the world in some very interesting ways.

The rest were mostly sad stories and/or a bunch of edge taken up to 11. Except for Beast who is just utterly forgettable, I never actually got to the end of the game with any playthrough that had him in it, so I don't know if his character arc actually has any payoff at all.