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But" player will have to commit" said by Sven in early stages
Personaly i believe this "have to commit" can quite easily mean that our companions will all go their ways after Act 1 ... just as Shadowheart says, when you ask her what will be do afterwards ... after all, the only thing that hold them together was tadpole and if that will get (at least seemingly) resolved in end of first act, there is no reaspon for them to stay together ... especialy for those who dislike each other. laugh

+ note that even full custom party will most likely "have to commit" to someone. wink

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In that light the part of " switching characters left and right to know their story" isn't exactly an issue since you most likely won't have the option to switch them
Asuming we will get locked all party members since then ... maybe.
But since we were allready told that there WILL be mercenary system included, and so far we didnt seen any mercenary NPC, nor any hint that any of them presented in Act 1 would be potentialy used as one ... its safe to presume that some mercenaries will join us even later, and in such case you certainly should have option to switch your party members however you need. wink

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Good to know it's moddable cause it kinda gives me hopes.
I remember Swen talking about that they count with this mod, since day 1 ... so they want to create their interface in a way that would not interfere with party of 6 ...
When you then take under concideration that its just matter of switching single value, and people dont demand any futher ballance changes ...

Seems almost silly that they refuse (or at least dont agree) to include this option to base game. O_o

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1)With the current movement system too much characters to manage can be a burden to some.
Since all people asking for is option ... people who would concider it a burden would most likely keep it off ...
NEXT! laugh

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2)It can compromise replayability to some extent
Quite small extent ... especialy if we count interactions between our characters.
Personaly i never felt discouraged to replay DA:Inquisition just by the fact that i allready know side quests for my companions ... after all, i kinda also know all (or at least most) other quests, including main one and plot ... wich is a little bit more important. laugh

Quite the oposite actualy ... since interactions between companions is interesting for me, i was encouraged to replay using different party members bcs i was curious about it. smile
For example head-chess game between Iron Bull and Solas is legendary. ^_^

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3)More characters = different balance so while it doesn't have to lead to encounters re-design it will lead to more testing for Larian. They can't just release a 6 man party with an info" we didn't test it , don't use it". That's equivalent to making it moddable.
Yes they can.
But that sign should be "this game was created and optimised for party of 4 ... by switching this option on, you may compromise your experience". wink

As it was also suggested few times before. smile

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4)On the same side of more work all encounters teleporting your players or acting on your entire party would also need to be done twice: For a party of 4 and a party of 6. Not undoable obviously since it was modded in EA but still something to consider.
I dunno what do you mean ...

Are you talking about situations as there is on raft in the Underdark?
That can be easily resolved by short dialogue like:
Narrator: "There is not enough space on this raft for your whole party ... pick 4 people who will scout ahead with you."
or Narrator: "Your whole group would be too heavy for this raft ... pick 4 people who will scout ahead with you."

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5)Regarding the last two points: Do we want to convince Larian to double down on something that theoratically isn't game defining(Theoratically as in for me and you it might be important not for others)? Well it's a hard sell.
Yes we do.

If my comments bother you, there is nothing easier than telling me to stop.
I mean ... I won't ... but it's easy to say. wink