Now, as far as point 6 goes, the idea is overlapping triggers - but things they've already established in the game.

Example: You reach the Grove and visit Nadira - pink haired tiefling. You look through the telescope and see Waukeen's Rest. It's NOT on fire. Why? Because if it was, and you long rest, it shouldn't be on fire anymore. So, when looking through the telescope for the first time, you see a nice, not on fire inn. Once you go there and trigger the entire save people from the fire side quest, if you go back and look through the telescope, now it's a smoldering ruin.

Example: Ritual takes 3 days. You long rest for the first time. Raphael happens. You long rest for the second time, you have a Dream Lover dream. You long rest a third time. Rath has interrupted the ritual and is imprisoned. You long rest a fourth time. Ah. Nothing happens. You long rest a fifth time. Lae'zel warns she might leave if you don't go to the Gith patrol that day. You long rest a sixth time. Mol has stolen the idol and is in hiding. The druids and tieflings are close to all out war. You still haven't gone to the Gith patrol so Lae'zel takes off. You long rest a seventh time. Dream Lover Dream 2. You head to the Gith patrol and find Lae'zel nearby, wounded by the goblin raid on Waukeen's Rest. She rejoins your party. You face the patrol. You long rest an eighth time. A tiefling approaches you at camp. "The situations's getting worse. Do something soon or else we're doomed."

It doesn't have to be EXACTLY like this, but the point is that different events are triggered on different days, overlapping one another. Then, later in the game, in the Underdark, when time isn't as prevalent in the story, you can flipping long rest as much as you want, but every now and then, another dream sequence or something similar to remind you that you have an ultimate quest and you just keep wasting time.

Again, think of what this would do.

1. There would be time, or some sense of time.
2. No real rest limits, but things happen based on using long rests.
3. Replayability. Each play through could be different because you do things differently on different days.

So instead of limiting LR, you are encouraged to long rest at different times for each playthrough to see what happens.

And before you say that it'll be too much work, let me ask this. Is it more work than having to go back to the drawing board again and again because you just can't find a system that works? Also notice that the suggestion takes elements already in game and uses them, like the dream lover dreams. Yes, a few more cutscenes and such, but in the end a truly replayable experience and no hard LR or SR limits.

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