Icewind Dale replay. Here's what I noticed:

Long Rest as much as you want. No consequences. Biggest penalty was painstakingly walking back to map exit and then painstakingly walking to the inn. Bad guys might regen a bit, but they were always minor enemies killed easily. No food requirement. Once enemies are cleared out, they remain cleared out.

Basically, what I'm saying is, BG3 simply cuts the tedious out of it. However, it's very much the same. No limits. No consequences.

That said, there were no Short Rest mechanics in that system. It was 8 hours rest and that's all you got.

My point is that I do think we get too harsh on Larian about these kinds of mechanics, myself included. However, I do still think that the game would be better with better and more meaningful rest mechanics. Each type of rest should have a solid purpose. Short Rest should be promoted in some way to try to promote a longer adventuring day so it feels more like a true D&D session.