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I get to hard fight i use everything i have ...
I save ...

And if i get encounter when i go to rest, i simply reload ... if i have to.

No management included.
And no matter how much you dislike it ... it is how it works look:
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every time I get a random encounter in IWD, I reload.

You're exactly repeating what I said : the game allow players to "break" the rules (save-scumming, and pathfinder also allow to simply disable all random encounters).
But the lack of ressources management is not the basic rules of those games.

In BG3 it's the opposite and "breaking the rules" (with " " because you cannot break what doesn't exist) means forcing yourself to manage your resources even if the game doesn't reward you for doing so.
It's hard to believe that you don't understand such a simple thing.

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I recall the resting in Neverwinter Nights 2 was simple. Press "R" and wait a few seconds, right? Wasn't it something like that?

I don't remember but here's what I can find on the game's wiki.

You can not rest when enemies are nearby, or immediately after being in combat or casting a spell. In certain areas you can not rest at all, and in other areas enemies may interrupt you while resting. In the official campaign it takes 5 seconds to rest, and there are no other restrictions on how often you can do so. The rules of resting may be different in other modules.

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