Neverwinter's rest was simple, I'll grant you that. Dumb and simple.

Click a button and rest right in the street for 10 seconds. Full health and spells and everything. I hated it. It was probably the worst D&D rest mechanics ever. SO absolutely not immersive in any way, shape, or form. No camping. Nothing.

But Neverwinter was sort of the groundbreaking game for MMORPGs. It wasn't really a traditional D&D RPG video game. It really branched away from tabletop a lot. Fun game, mind you, but the rest mechanics were akin to drinking a potion and being healed full up with spells and everything.

My post which sparked all this should speak volumes. BG3 is no different from cRPGs from 20 years ago in terms of resting mechanics. There is absolutely nothing special about resting in BG3. It's pointless and meaningless. Even after 20 years, devs still cannot develop a decent rest system. Short and Long Rest are pointless. In current state, it's nothing more than pressing a button.

As a result, every battle has to be deadly. That is not D&D.