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The only difference here is that if you dont in first case, you can potentialy die ...
But if you do, what will you do?
My guess is reload ...
Ah yes you'll reload if you die so its the same LMAO.
Well ... no ... that is difference, as i admited ... thats why i started that sentence using that word ...
See? Irs right there. O_o

Even tho its provided by random encounters rather than resting limitation we were talking about here ...

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This is absolutely ridiculous.
Agreed ...
Quoting something without acnowledging it ... absolutely indeed

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I'm done with you.
Yeah thats not the first time ... quite certainly not even second or third ...
But i didnt count it futher so let me just say im quite familiar by now.

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considering how toxic you are on most thread.
The feeling is mutual believe me, ESPECIALY with statements like this one.

If my comments bother you, there is nothing easier than telling me to stop.
I mean ... I won't ... but it's easy to say. wink