Ok. So. Been thinking. Some have argued that party of 4 is standard party size for D&D. They say that the adventures are designed for 3-5 players, so 4 is perfect.

While reviewing some campaigns, I gave this additional thought. Larian is treating BG3 as literally if you create a character then you are 1 player, 1 PC. All other characters are actually NPCs you control unless you play with other players via multiplayer.

But here's my issue, then. Even D&D campaigns will increase your party size to 6 or more depending on the campaign and player choices with NPCs.

Example:. Party of 4 PCs in Descent into Avernus. Meets Reya. She joins the party. Now Party of 5. If you had 5 PCs, now party of 6.
Later. Going after the duke, you can gain a devil ally. You also have Lulu. That boosts party size to potentially 6 to 8.

See. I still have an issue with party of 4 because in most D&D sessions, even if you only have 3 or 4 players, the DM usually adds NPCs to the party to help.

In BG3, they're ALL NPCs you control.