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Simple as it is - it is the *intended* experience, crafted by the team. Larian chose this limit and the systems will be more or less revolving around it.
I see ...

Well, i dare to presume this isnt actualy a "problem" tho, is it?
Since as i said, that people ask for is option to enlarge the group size ... so as long as other people want to get "intended experience" all they need to do is dont flip that switch. laugh

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For example, GM4Him mentioned quite a lot that BG3 creatures don't follow "true" D&D stats
Yeah he does that a lot ...
I dunno how often you read this forum, but sooner or later you find out that many people around here have few topics they are REALLY interested in ... and some of them then waste no chance to mention it once again. smile

But still, its separated suggestion ... he only use it often as yet another reason for 6 member party, since as it seems he believe that those two suggestions works best together. smile

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If we change party size then any kind of balance is thrown out of the window
Yes, this was allready mentioned countless of times ...
But most people who participated in this very topic agreed on that "at very least" they would settle with just option to enlarge your group, with NO futher ballance adjustments ... just note for players ... something like:
"WARNING: This game has ben prepared and intended for party of 4 ... if you check this window, your party size will be incerased to 5 / 6 ... please understand such change will affect your gameplay experience and difficiulty setting ... now, when we understand each other please feel free to play however you like."

And voila! Whoever pick the option takes responsibility for himself. smile

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and that also opens more class options which would provide more general flexibility for the party.
Im confused now, that is bad thing? laugh

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Can Larian make a setting for an optional 6ppl mode? Sure, and I'm pretty sure that's the easy part.
Will it provide the intended experience that way? Nope...
And the third imporant questions would be:
Who cares? laugh In my opinion the answer is: Not the people who will turn this option "on" even if this is what they will be warned about. laugh

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I would also say there's a good probability of DOS2-like event that will "seal" the party composition at one point (I wouldn't want that but that's something I expect nontheless) and I'm not sure how the game will react if there are more people left. Will the possibility be accounted for or will some scripts just break, etc?
Thats something we dont really know right now ... Larian do. smile

It was allready confrimmed by Swen himself that there will be mercenaries in this game, to fill role of our potential companions in this adventure.
And since there is no mercenary so far in EA, one could presume that our party will "somehow" possibly change even futher in game.

My personal theory is:
That at the end of Act 1 ... we will (at least seemingly) resolve our problem with tadpole ...
Therefore our characters will have no reason to stick together any futher (after all Shadowheart herself told us that we "will go our separate ways of course")
And our character will have to decide wich Origin character s/he want to follow futher, since their personal story will become main drive of the story ... at least for start ... maybe after we get into Baldur's Gate we find out that our personal stories have to be once again put aside for something greater.

This theory have one big plot hole tho ... what if we will play as Origin character?
I cant quite imagine any of them would decide to ignore their own problem and follow someone else. laugh

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it's nice to hear that they are trying to adjust the UI for people who want bigger parties though.
Yup ... and since 6member party "mod" is allready there we know that all it require is change single number in the code.
So ... basicaly it would be nice if Larian would allow us to do this without any need to download and use any external applications. laugh

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And if there's to be a "proper" 6ppl mode... it will require a lot of work, which I've already mentioned. Maybe it could happen after release if demand will be high enough?
Yeah, that would require tremendous amount of work ...

Unless ... the person who would be using it would be using it as simply yet another part of settings. smile
You know ... hard ... but with party of 5 so not "as hard as it should be, but still harder than normal". laugh

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So even if 6 ppl will be supported by the game from a techinical point, you would probably still need a mod for this rather than an official setting.
And that is exactly what we are trying to change here. laugh

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