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Well, i dare to presume this isnt actualy a "problem" tho, is it?
The problem is that the moment this setting gets added by Larian - it's their responsibility to keep it functioning. In the end, what good would this setting do if due to some script interaction later in the game you can get your campaign stuck or, for example, lose story progress for two "additional" origin characters? Even if caring about balance is not an issue that adds additional work on bugfixing and testing if everything's working fine for, essentialy, two campaign modes.
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But still, its separated suggestion ... he only use it often as yet another reason for 6 member party, since as it seems he believe that those two suggestions works best together.
Tbh that's doesn't necessarily sound to me like it's BAD... but it's clearly not the approach Larian took and I think it's kiiinda too late to fully revert to tabletop stats at this point due to how much rebalacing that would require.
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es, this was allready mentioned countless of times ...
But most people who participated in this very topic agreed on that "at very least" they would settle with just option to enlarge your group, with NO futher ballance adjustments ... just note for players ... something like:
"WARNING: This game has ben prepared and intended for party of 4 ... if you check this window, your party size will be incerased to 5 / 6 ... please understand such change will affect your gameplay experience and difficiulty setting ... now, when we understand each other please feel free to play however you like."

And voila! Whoever pick the option takes responsibility for himself.
See the first part of my answer smile
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Im confused now, that is bad thing?
Not bad on its own - but it does throw balancing off even further. Not a problem if you don't care for balance ofc...
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And the third imporant questions would be:
Who cares? laugh In my opinion the answer is: Not the people who will turn this option "on" even if this is what they will be warned about.
See the first part again. Yes, no care for intended experience again, but Larian cares (I hope so...) and having a single template would make it easier to work out the intended easier and harder difficulty settings rather than having to remember that "yes, we do totally have this imbalanced mode that still requires looking at". Having options is good but there's also a cost of implementing options.
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It was allready confrimmed by Swen himself that there will be mercenaries in this game, to fill role of our potential companions in this adventure.
And since there is no mercenary so far in EA, one could presume that our party will "somehow" possibly change even futher in game.
Personally I'm not a big fan of mercenaries. Feels like you're throwing away a proper party member if you're using one unless merc would be an only option to fill a slot indeed.
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Yup ... and since 6member party "mod" is allready there we know that all it require is change single number in the code.
So ... basicaly it would be nice if Larian would allow us to do this without any need to download and use any external applications.
Again, first part. Enabling 6-member party might require changing just a single number but there may be more issues down the line; even worse if they cannot be found during EA period simply because, well, we don't have the full game on our hands. Might be a game-breaking issue, might not be an issue at all.
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Yeah, that would require tremendous amount of work ...

Unless ... the person who would be using it would be using it as simply yet another part of settings.
You know ... hard ... but with party of 5 so not "as hard as it should be, but still harder than normal".
Again, a single template would be easier to work with. Larian setting some foundanions for potential 6ppl party seems to be an afterthought (if a good one) so party size seems to be unlikely to be included as a part of difficulty setting.