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In the end, what good would this setting do if due to some script interaction later in the game you can get your campaign stuck or, for example, lose story progress for two "additional" origin characters?
Speaking for myself? Rest of the time. smile

So far there is single problem with 6member party "mod" ... and that is when you get on that boat in the Underdark ... your first 4 party members get on it, and last two die on the shore since game dont know what to do with them.
Of course, that is indeed bad experience ... but in the end its Larian who knows exactly where they are putting such limitations ...
And once again, all you really (and i mean really, we are talking here about bare necessities) need in such situation is yet another popup window warning player that while he choose to play with more party members, in this particular part it is cruicial to have only 4 ... so he should pick 2 and leave them behind for a while.

Still better experience than have 1/3 of your party killed bcs of inperfect mod. smile

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Tbh that's doesn't necessarily sound to me like it's BAD... but it's clearly not the approach Larian took and I think it's kiiinda too late to fully revert to tabletop stats at this point due to how much rebalacing that would require.
Yeah, no arguments from me. smile

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Not bad on its own - but it does throw balancing off even further. Not a problem if you don't care for balance ofc...
Dont care is a little strong wording ... i would say its lower on my priorities, compared to other things. wink

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Yes, no care for intended experience again, but Larian cares (I hope so...) and having a single template would make it easier to work out the intended easier and harder difficulty settings rather than having to remember that "yes, we do totally have this imbalanced mode that still requires looking at".
Well, we will do it anyway ... just this way, Larian could save us lots of frustration with investing little resources.

Every studio must ask the question eventualy if purity of original vision thei had for their product is more important for them than satisfaction of their customers. smile

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Having options is good but there's also a cost of implementing options.
Thats the best part ... as i said, we allready have the mod and it litteraly only changes single number in game files. smile
Add few "signs" or "system popup" ... and voila!
Cheapest possible implementation is live. laugh

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Personally I'm not a big fan of mercenaries. Feels like you're throwing away a proper party member if you're using one unless merc would be an only option to fill a slot indeed.
Agreed ...
But in my Evil playthrough i quite often loose Wyll and Gale ... in such situations your party options gets quite ... well, lets say limited, without mercenaries. laugh

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Might be a game-breaking issue, might not be an issue at all.
Exactly! smile
Thats the reason we are (or at least i am) adressing this to Larian ... who would know better than them? wink

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Again, a single template would be easier to work with. Larian setting some foundanions for potential 6ppl party seems to be an afterthought (if a good one)
I believe this was promissed even before EA even started.

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so party size seems to be unlikely to be included as a part of difficulty setting.
Indeed ... but man can dream. :P
Its not like this forum would have many other interesting things to talk about, rather than our dreams and hopes ... especialy lately. laugh

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