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In that case you, however, would not get to the "end" of the product you've paid for.
How so?
I would get exactly the same product as i would get if this option would not be included ...
The only difference would be that i would have option to adjust one of most frequently asked feature right in the options, with clear warnings how it would affect my experience ...

This isnt case of "game cannot be completed" kind of bug ... since even if you would meet some issue, as we did at the boat, all that would happen to you would be redution of your party for a while to original (aka intended) size. laugh

As for the legal actions against Larian ... i believe that the best players could hope for is refund, wich would not be resolved with Larian, but with store they buyed this game from ... i mean i know many games that were released in much worse shape than "including mod that would potentialy cause some troubles" ...
Few examples:
- Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
- Cyberpunk 2077
- Mass Effect: Andromeda
- Mass Effect (1) ... this game was so unstable on my PC so my record in playing without game crashing error was cca 40 minutes.
- And basicaly everything Bethesda released in last decade. laugh
Those are games that were for various reasons basicaly unlplayable in their "day one release" state ... and what happened? Few people get mad, some bad rewievs were written ... and everyone forgets about it in two weeks. laugh

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This is exactly what I worry about. It at the very least should not be a simple "change a number in a setting" change but it would require proper work and sweeping for bugs to be functional. If it already can kill 2 characters this way who knows what else can happen later and how many popus would be required (and would they even be a good solution, or a solution at all).
Well as i often say, my kowledge of programming is not anyhow deep ... but i have fundamental basics. smile

So i can tell you im quite sure about this statement:
If the game runs smoothly and gives you zero errors with party of 4 ... and cause problems at the exactly same moment with party of 6 ... easiest solution, even tho certainly not any ellegant one, is to force players to reduce party size to 4 during this problematic part. laugh

As for how many popups would be required ... i dont know, since i dont have acess to whole game.
During whole EA its exactly 1 tho, that much we know. smile

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I do think internal balance is something that's desperately needed, or at the very least balanced "normal" setting so you can work with it.
Yes ...
But i dont see any contradiction here ... i mean whole ballance, and normal, and other stuff would be created for regular game ... meaning party of 4.

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A little offtopic but in fact it causes me a lot of struggle with PF WOTR currently.
I really want to finish it currently (dropped in Act 5 when I saw the crusade I'd have to deal with and grew tired of Lich a little) and I cannot bring myself to start a new campaign because I feel that it kinda locks you into BUFFfinder if you actually want your party to be efficient even on normal - but I also struggle with going story mode because of how combat-focused the game is and story mode absolutely kills impact of combat; and even with all these difficulty options WOTR presents I have zero clue how to balance things out; then there's the whole Crusade which is not a good game on top of "main" game. Why it's relevant to balance? Well, I think Owlcat balanced things pretty badly in general, focusing on a very specific approach which results in a swinging difficulty where options just make it flail wildly in different directions until some trial and error might give you the difficulty you want.
Well, party efficiency sound to me like argument for party of 6 ... rather than 4.

I mean, if you have only 4 places ... you really want to have Tank, Heal, Utilitiy Guy, and Damage Dealer ... and thats it.
You of course can easily mix this with pseudo-roles ... like Ranger, or Druid who can deal damage and help with at least "some" healing ... but still, having two open slots in your party gives you much more freedom ...
Especialy in game like BG-3 where the only companion that actualy can heal your party right now, is Shadowheart ... the only companion that can effectively Tank is either Lae'zel or once again Shadowheart, but sending her up front means potentialy loose concentration fast ... Astarion would be the only one who would fulfill the Utility role, IF Larian would give Expertise to Rogues ... and the rest are just Damage Dealers ...

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The question is... can 6-party "issue" really be solved with little resources?
Yes, im sure of it. smile
I know warning popups are not ellegant solution, it can potentialy become quite anoying ... but i also know it would work. smile

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And if we're talking about vision and satisfaction of the customers... I think BG3 is in an insanely precarious position simply because it's called Baldur's Gate 3. There's weight of nostalgia, weight of the franchise name, weight of D&D edition, weight of DOS2, etc... I'm probably going to say a controversial opinion, but everyone expects something else from BG3 and it easily contradict others' expectations; since the release of EA I feel like all this collides into an enourmous ball of untempered expectations that cannot be satisfied no matter the effort Larian puts in the game - as someone who's essentialy an outsider to D&D and BG this is insane to watch. Some things should be worked out (example - relentless shoving, Wizards learning divine spells, reactions) but at this point I would rather see Larian iron out their vision during EA rather then trying to do the impossible.
Agreed ...
But there are things Larian can affect, and things Larian cannot affect. smile

Exactly this you mentioned is something they simply cant resolve, there is no scenario where both factions will be satisfied ... fans of DnD or original BG series demand something that is in direct contradiction with things Larian and Divinity series fans demand ... in this case, Larian can only choose side, or try to please both at least a little bit and hope people will actualy focus on this game, rather than their own hopes and dreams.

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And again, then Larian actualy need to dedicate resoures to keep this implementation functional. There's no guarantee that it can jsut be solved with popups.
And that is up to them to decide. smile
Aswell as it is up to us to bring them feedback and suggestions ... as they litteraly requested. wink

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Curious. If so, I didn't know that.
Im not so sure either ... but i believe it was said in one of those pre-EA interwievs. smile
Can be misstaken tho.

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