I just find it unlikely to happen (at release at least I would say) precisely because it adds another component to balancing the difficulties (and therefore adds more work on top of exisiting balance) while the game is still in development and probably it was not something planned.
As for your question... That's on Larian I think. I don't think they've been too clear on what exactly they might be incorporating (to settle some debates) from the feedback and I can understand that, because you may say that you're implementing one thing but end up unable to do so. On the flip side I think it creates a situation when you might feel your feedback is useless, so I do feel they need to be more clear on what they might do and what they won't do just so there would be some clarity.

On this, we agree. I do feel like my feedback is useless. But I'm bored and still love the game, so I post still hoping maybe they are listening... Maybe...