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Oh I see. Ruswarr is the new chapter of "I'll throw at you guys every single rebuttal that has already been argued to hell and back for two years, in an attempt to make it sound like I'm making a compelling point".

"That would be untested" is one of the funniest ones, though. If only there was some type of environment where a lot of people would be able to test something that was yet to be finally released to the public.
We could call it "Anticipated Entry" or something like that.

Anticipated Entry... Lol... I literally laughed out loud on that one.

To add to this, we literally have tested it via the mod, so I don't understand that argument at all.

Yes. Combat is easier with party of 6. Doesn't make the game boring though. Quite the opposite. I enjoyed the game more with party of 6. Tried it multiple times with various party composition - meaning I even did it with party of 3 custom characters and 3 origin at a time.

No matter what way you slice it, I enjoyed the party of 6 more for all the reasons I stated.

You know what I find interesting? I haven't seen 1 person who is opposed to party of 6 actually try it to see if they'd like it. It amazes me how many people are against things without even trying them. They SAY it'll be so much worse, and are convinced of it, but they haven't even tried it to really know for sure.

Like genuine 5e rule set. So many are opposed to it, but how do you know it won't work or that you'll hate it if you've never even tried it?

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