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Oh I see. Ruswarr is the new chapter of "I'll throw at you guys every single rebuttal that has already been argued to hell and back for two years, in an attempt to make it sound like I'm making a compelling point".

"That would be untested" is one of the funniest ones, though. If only there was some type of environment where a lot of people would be able to test something that was yet to be finally released to the public.
We could call it "Anticipated Entry" or something like that.
When I refer to "untested" I mean it in a sense that only Act 1 will be tested by players. Not any content down the road until the release, and that's exactly where I expect many more issues to pop up. I can be wrong on this ofc but I do tend to expect worse rather than hope that no issues will pop up and if they do they'll be easy to fix.
I've burned too many times on hopeful thoughts I'd say.

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