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Do you want me to pour back through 93 pages to find the conversation


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The issue is that due to BG3 not being traditional Early Access there will be no means for players to playtest later stages of the game, and that's where most script issues will be much more likely to pop up me thinks.
Well, that would be issue ...
Presuming Larian are idiots who will use triggers, or mechanics they never ever used in EA and therefore are untested ...
Personaly i presume that they are not, so EA is their playground right now ... you know, you create some mechanic, need to see how it react on players, so you put it here on the playground so people test it ... then you see if it is safe to use or not. smile

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Especially if Larian by default enforces fixed 4-party setup at some point similary to DOS2.
Also true ... and also it would require Larian to be kinda idiots ...
I mean, dont get mad at me, but honestly who would "by default enforces fixed 4-party setup" in game that "is by default supposed to support 6-party mod" ? laugh

And before you say it ...
NO, that single case on the boat is not proof of otherwise, that is barely anything more than oversight ... you see your characters dont "walk on" the boat, they are spawnig there ... and quite logicaly Larian had no reason to create more than 4 spawning points ... that is why your characters die, bcs the game is told that who is not "on" the boat, fell down, and died. wink

But now, when we know it ... or ... as we ask ... if Larian would implement support for 6-party as default ... they would keep in mind more thoroughly, that the game need at all time have option to deal with two more party members, so they would (or could) add two more spawning points, and this particular problem would never happened again. smile

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Well ...
I would say that everyone is potentialy trading game stability for themselves, since nobody is forcing you to flip that switch ... so ... no, i dont trade others stability at all.
Except somebody will be happy to jump in for 6ppl party because they were excited to so it, thinks it's more fitting
This isnt really "except" scenario ...
Whoever will be happy to jump in, WILL see the warning ... and that person will have to decide for themselves if that is worth the cost or not ... so still, nobody is "tradint others stability" at all.
Every sentient being is deciding their own fate. wink

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and are greeted by a warning that hey, it wasnt really tested and you might encounter issues. Not exactly something what a game should have on release, don't you think?
I get the feeling im starting to repeat myself ...
So, again, just as i said HERE ... THAT is the reason we are asking for this now ... so we can test it ... so it dont say something wasnt really tested. wink :P

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And people will be reasonably pissed at Larian for an incomplete feature.
What exactly is supposed to be incomplete about it? laugh
The fact that it would lower your game dificiulty? That is not incomplete, that is by design.

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In that case it makes more sense to lay some foundations for modders to work later on rather diverting focus to a mode that was not a priority.
Priorities are not our (and im sory, but that includes you) concern, that is on Larian to decide ...

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It will only help find issues similar to "the boat killing".
Im affraid you are missing the point here ...
"Only the boat killing" ... means every single situation in game where our party is spawned ... so, basicaly any scenario you can imagine where we dont walk on our curent position but are starting there ... going to Jail would probably have same result, if our whole party would be arested at once.

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As I said, it's unknown what other problems and bugs can stem from altering party size later; something I wouldn't call an imaginary issue bur rather "possible but very probable" issue. Only Larian know and as far as I know, they don't share much on this.
And as i said its impossible to react on "some issue" without litteraly any details, or at least hint ... so you say "they may occur" and i say "they may not" ...
And that is the best you can get from me on this ...

That and mentioning that (obviously) the more Larian would be aware of possibility for additional party members, the less it is probable that they will (or wont) add something, that (or absence of that) would cause problems.

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The issue is that Larian is the developer, not a modder.
This isnt issue at all ... that is reason we are bringing it here. laugh

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There are wages to pay, work to be done within some window because they can't be developing forever or run out of money so focuses and sacrifices are inevitable. Modders are usually not restricted by these constraints because they are not a company and installing a mod is always at your own risk by default. So modders can try and do things that the company might find unreasonable in certain circumstances precisely because they're a company. A modder is unlikely to be restricted by having to proft from his mod and can allow work at a slower pace.
Oh come on, are you really trying to tell me that Larian is in so hard press they dont have time to add two spawning spots? laugh
Dont be ridiculous, thats not even work for an bussy afternoon ... that is something you can manage during a lunchbreak. laugh

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From what I see a lot of RPG fans don't necesarily agree what substitiues a good RPG anyway.
That may have tomething to do with the fact that fans dont either ... there is lots of people with lots of taste, and everyone have their prefferences set different ...

In my humble opinion "good RPG" is that one, that manages to please most of those people. smile
Bcs there will allways be Dwarf Grumpy, who will complain about something wasnt "as they preffer" ... it is inevidable. smile

If my comments bother you, there is nothing easier than telling me to stop.
I mean ... I won't ... but it's easy to say. wink