OK. I'm going to stir up some backlash here, I just know it, but it's my opinion.

I'm really struggling with elves in Pathfinder. They're freaking me out. They have soul-less eyes that seem almost like insect eyes, and their ears are TOO long and pointy. They almost like like they have antennae. I just... I don't like it.

Say what you want about the humans with pointy ears in BG3, they are at least attractive looking elves. The elves in the Pathfinder games just look too alien to me.

Especially Ember in WotR. shudder shudder. That girl scares me. She's like Sabrina from Pokemon. "Play with me..." in that creepy Japanese demon possessed doll kind of way. And I created my own elf with teal colored eyes, and every time I pull her up on the screen, her expression and eyes are as frightening as the demons my characters are fighting on the streets.

I don't know. Like I said. I'm trying to like the look of the elves in Kingmaker/WotR, but... I just... I just can't.