The Pathfinder elves are at least less off-putting than the Pathfinder gnomes, who seem like their torsos would just collapse like a house of cards under the weight of their cranium. I know that their artstyle is cartoony (both in the source material and in the Owlcat games), but still, blergh.

As for the BG3 elves, they do all lack the tilted eyes and the sharper (sylvan, as they would point out) features that they're supposed to have. The NWN1 portraits were probably the most true to what they should look like as far as adaptations go. The elf male head 2 is probably the most acceptable one from the existing pick, the jawline on the rest of them is a bit too much.

BTW, was the decision to combine the sun and moon elves into one subrace made by Larian, or is it a WotC thing?