I do agree on pretty much everything you've said, Brainer. The gnomes are ridiculous in Pathfinder. What's with the super long eyebrows? Weird.

No. I do like the deep gnomes in BG3 better. Much more realistic and less weird and cartoony. Yes, the elves and drow could look a bit more elven. I mean, they do look a bit too human, it's true.

As for the moon elf/sun elf subrace combine, I'm fairly certain that's a Larian thing, but I'm not 100% on that - just like the whole splitting the drow into their own race and their subraces are based on whether they follow Lolth or not???

That's not a subrace. That's a culture and belief system. But... well... whatever. I guess the red eyes are now a Lolth only thing???

And when, pray tell, did that happen in the entire history of the drow?

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