That's not a subrace. That's a culture and belief system. But... well... whatever. I guess the red eyes are now a Lolth only thing???

And when, pray tell, did that happen in the entire history of the drow?

It still smashes well with Drow lore. There were always individuals and groups among the Drow who sought redemption and the removal of the divine curse from Corellon. I am not up to date with the more recent novels, but I seem to recall some fort of blessing from Eilistraee that touched some drows, but not all of them.
I am kind of upset we don't have Vhaeraun is a deity to pick for the drow. Granted, with Larian's approach towards the deity pick being that every one has at least a unique option available somewhere, the list growing even bigger might get out of hand. Still, the elven pantheon being only Corellon, and drowish Lolth and Eilistraee is not particularly impressive. Where's Sehanine Moonbow and the rest of the Seldarine? I guess they mostly picked everyone's patron deities and a handful of the universal gods with the more clear portfolios. Sune sure is missing, though, which is weird considering the raunchy tone they're unafraid to take...