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A lot of deities disappeared during the Second Sundering or became aspects of other deities. Vhaeraun for instance became a servant power to Lolth, abandoning his former rebellious aspect. So it doesnt make much sense for him to be included.
Didn't know that, thank you. I am still a little foggy on most of the post-Spellplague lore, having spent most of my time with 3e/3.5e. I do know of the Lathander-Amaunator-Lathander shuffle, about Bhaal coming back, Mystra dying (again) and somebody restoring her / claiming her portfolio (again), but I am definitely in need of some educational reading to catch up in many aspects. Like how I am still iffy on how the succubi/incubi are no longer considered tanar'ri anymore, or what is currently happening with the drow and the general rewriting of all the previously "evil" races.

Yeah, my mind is hazy too when it comes to 4 edition lore. About this new and very timely revisiting of the idea of "sentient but essentially evil races" (which is a heritage of colonization and white supremacy in DnD and in pulp-fiction fantasy in general) I don't think one should worry about in the context of this game, as Larian obv made drows and goblins evil by nature, following the old approach.