Of course there was Fall-From-Grace (The Lawful Neutral [with a good bent] Cleric / Succubus). This was here theme, and she was an amazing character (Jennifer Hale before Titles like Mass-Effect or KOTOR).

What was really unique was:

The Brothel for Slating Intellectual Lusts (a brothel with no sex)

Even though the building is a brothel, the "prostitutes" within it are actually aspiring sensates. They do not serve their patrons physically. Instead, they learn to identify with others so that they can better understand themselves and the Planes.

It's like the writers would come up with the most bizarre ideas they could think of and then make them work. This was a different setting of course: Sigil at the center of the multiverse, and they wanted to create an otherworldly setting.

Still, if you want inspiration, then visit the masters....and by the way, this was not a big budget production.

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