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A sad backstory?
let the music help us feel it

You gave me Deja Vu...

So Planescape Torment, among its many great bullet points has an amazing music score: Listen a few seconds or enjoy it (point to follow).

When we first meet our former dead lover, who we don't remember (cuz we have amnesia). We get this variation on the main theme...this song still elicites an emotional response...just genius! Look at the bones! I mean read the responses.

this is the high fantasy music I want the kind that makes you feel something deep and emotional.

I think one of the things bg3 is lacking is emotional depth from the characters, I Still remember, in The last of us 1
the final scene Ellie asks Jole to swear to her, it stuck with me for years, the music the emotion the characters give off, this depth imo is what bg3 needs

this has been edited a bit - but the last scene is right

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