SO..... it's been 8 years since that last post, and I still don't see the "imperial edition upgrade" on steam... WHEN is it going to be available there? What exactly, is the hold up? It's been there for years on GOG, but still not on steam - and alas, I bought my game on steam.

Why, oh, why isn't there a similar steam-upgrade for Dragon commander? One can buy one at gog for 0,99 euro at the moment. I looked at steam; normal version: 3,99 (but I already own that). Imperial version: 44,99 euro !!! So for the dragon skin and the extra map, I would need to pay 44 euro extra!!? That's absolutely bunkers and crazy.

WHY isn't there an upgrade on steam like there is on GOG? After 8 years, one had PLENTY of time, I would say.

alternatively: is it possible to implement the (GOG) upgrade on a game one bought at steam?