Ok. Again, the idea I'm trying to get Larian to do is promote SRs and discourage LRs. It is NOT to limit either. Why? SRs fit more with the story. Taking an hour rest here and there to promote a longer adventure day fits with the various story elements - like the tadpole in your head, the ritual in the Grove, killing the goblin leaders and getting Lae'zel to the Gith patrol - not to mention that it really doesn't make sense to LR after Ethel takes Mayrina to her lair, etc.

So. There needs to be greater benefits to SR so people will want to SR more in between fights.

The suggestion:

1. Unlimit SR so it isn't 2 per day. This is absolutely key.
2. SR healing is managed at the Character level so each character gets a number of SRs equal to their character level per day. This allows adventures to continue as you can switch out party members when others have used up their uses. So, the SR button initiates SR for the party, a menu pops up showing all the SRs each character has remaining, and you click on each member you want to use a rest. Characters do not have to spend a use every time the party does an SR.
3. Each SR used restores X number of HP and certain class special abilities - like Action Surge and spell slots.
4. Arcane Recovery is auto-used during SR if the wizard uses an SR use, recovering X number of spell slots each time.
5. No food cost for SR.
6. Party members resist long rest, suggesting that you don't LR if they still have SRs to use. This is key. Party members don't feel tired and don't want to stop adventuring until they've used up their SRs. The point is that the game is promoting SR and discouraging LR. It's not stopping you, but your companions disapprove. This would be like the Shadowheart dialogue, "I'm not sure this is such a good idea.". However, party members would all participate. Those who have spent all SRs approve. Those who have not disapprove of taking an LR. Then they give you the final choice. Creates party cohesion. Dialogues, however, can be skipped so those who don't like this can easily ignore it.
7. Dialogues during SRs and LRs if the player wants to trigger them. This is done via symbol over character's head when SRing. An indicator appears even right there on the road saying they have something to discuss. You can ignore it and complete the SR or trigger it. Convo happens right there. Astarion mirror dialogue? Right there where you triggered SR. You're resting, just like at camp at night. Still makes perfect sense.
8. LR is encouraged when companions do use up all their SRs and participate in a fight after their last use. THEN they suggest that you switch them out or call it a day. They're done. Let someone else take over. This is meant to kinda train players when it is more appropriate to LR.

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