Here's what this suggestion would look like:

Crash on beach. Just the MC. Level 1 so only 1 SR. Meet Shadowheart. She also has 1 SR. Fight intellect devourers. Shadowheart doesn't need healing, but MC does. Both go up a level so now they both have 2 SRs each.

Player triggers LR. Dialogue initiated. Shadowheart says, "I'm not sure this is such a good idea." You discuss why with her and she says you need to find a healer. You could turn into a monster at any moment. Taking the rest of the day off so soon is risky at best. As an alternative, you could just do a shorter rest. It would only be like an hour and the two of you could continue. However, at the end of her dialogue, she gives you the final choice. You can either confirm the LR or just take an SR. If you LR, the game lets you without penalty. However, by doing this, the game has let the player know that they are really going against the grain.

But let's say you SR instead, thus following Shadowheart's advice. MC uses one of her 2 SRs to heal 7 HP. MC is now full health. Also, let's say MC is a warlock. All spell slots restored. The adventure continues. Shadowheart still has 2 SRs, and the MC has 1.

Meet Astarion. Fight fishermen to the death. Astarion needs healing. You LR. Another dialogue is triggered automatically. Now, the MC, Astarion and Shadowheart are standing together. Astarion says, "I'm not really done for the day, you know. I've still got plenty in me. Perhaps we should only do a short rest and keep going." Shadowheart replies, "Agreed." But, once again, the final choice is yours. You can LR and there is no penalty, but the game is once again suggesting an SR.

So, you SR and use 1 SR of Astarion's. He heals 7 HP. The adventuring day continues. You run into Gale. He also has 2 SRs of his own because he's level 2. You fight Gimblebock and his minions. Gale has 1 HP left and Astarion took some serious hits too. Time to rest. You trigger an LR. Dialogue triggers. Gale says, "I know I don't exactly look the best, but I think a short rest would suffice." Astarion and Shadowheart both agree because they still have SRs to spend. You, again, could LR, but the game is suggesting that you don't.

You SR and use Astarion's final SR. You also use 1 of Gale's. He heals 5 HP, or something like that because wizards don't heal as much. He also expended all his spell slots, and with auto-Arcane Recovery, he regains 1 spell slot back (half his level or something of that nature). Suddenly, an indicator pops up over Gale's head. He has a dialogue you could trigger. You can either ignore it or click on him and trigger it while you are doing an SR. You trigger it, and Gale gives you his Mirror Image dialogue.

Adventuring day continues. You fight Mari and Barton. Astarion now tells you, "I'm spent. Perhaps we could call it a day." Why? Because Astarion has used up all of his SRs. He is done. You trigger an LR because Astarion suggested one. Dialogue is triggered. Gale, Astarion, Shadowheart and MC are now gathered to discuss whether you should LR or not. Astarion says, "I'm beat. Let's call it a day and get some serious rest." Gale says, "I'm still good to keep going, if you'd like." Shadowheart says, "I agree. I can keep going." You get the final say.

You choose SR, listening to Gale and Shadowheart. You use your last SR for your MC, Gale's last SR and 1 of Shadowheart's. You then heal Astarion with potions. Gale gets Arcane Recovery, regaining 1 spell slot (or however many). Your warlock regains all spell slots. Shadowheart regains channel divinity. Gale has another indicator over his head. He has another dialogue you could trigger. You do. It's his "Go to Hell," dialogue.

The adventuring day continues. You fight the scribes. Your party is beaten up pretty badly. You trigger an LR because Astarion, Gale and your MC have no more SRs. Dialogue is triggered. Gale says, "I'm spent. Let's call it a day." Astarion says, "Agreed." Shadowheart says, "I could still keep going if you'd like." You decide. This time, you decide to finally LR because 2 out of 3 of your companions are saying, "Let's long rest." Besides, Gale just told you in two different dialogues that you aren't changing like you normally would from ceremorphosis. Maybe, just maybe, it's okay to. And so, you long rest and recover all your stats and abilities.

Finally - which is something I hadn't included in the above suggestion - LRs don't cost food. You can simply LR if you want without any penalties or limits. No need to worry about managing food at all. Nothing has prevented you from long resting the whole time. It was simply discouraged by your companions because you still had SRs to use.

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