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SRs fit more with the story.
More like your own interpretation of the story ...

For example:
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Shadowheart says, "I'm not sure this is such a good idea." You discuss why with her and she says you need to find a healer. You could turn into a monster at any moment. Taking the rest of the day off so soon is risky at best.
This red part never happened ...
Yes, Shadow is complaining about the fact that you are going to rest ... but she dont talk about "resting so soon" ... since you are in your camp at evening, no matter if you rest from the beach, from the crypt, or from the gates to the grove, or you skip whole grove and continue to blighted willage and rest there ...
Its still your first evening ... amount of time from falling to your first rest is still the same, no matter where you decide to rest first.

This is once again just your inability or unwillingness to accept any abstraction. frown

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As an alternative, you could just do a shorter rest. It would only be like an hour and the two of you could continue. However, at the end of her dialogue, she gives you the final choice. You can either confirm the LR or just take an SR.
And if you decide to SR what exactly happened?
You rewind time back to that first day, or shorten night so it lasts only for "an hour or two"? O_o

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If you LR, the game lets you without penalty. However, by doing this, the game has let the player know that they are really going against the grain.
"The game has let the player know that they are really going against the grain ..."
And since then, when they are clear about this matter ... the game starts to stuff player with informations from every side of the world comforting them that there is no rush, and they have all the time they need.

Kinda odd isnt it? O_o

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But let's say you SR instead, thus following Shadowheart's advice. MC uses one of her 2 SRs to heal 7 HP. MC is now full health. Also, let's say MC is a warlock. All spell slots restored. The adventure continues. Shadowheart still has 2 SRs, and the MC has 1.
What did Shadowheard do during that time MC was resting?
Bcs ... and feel free to corect me anyone ... unless one character will sit there and rest, and the others will continue the adventure without him ... it seems to me like once one member of the party rests, others do aswell. smile
So ... logicaly, they all should spend their SR, even if that would be not entirely needed for each. wink

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Meet Astarion. Fight fishermen to the death. Astarion needs healing. You LR. Another dialogue is triggered automatically. Now, the MC, Astarion and Shadowheart are standing together. Astarion says, "I'm not really done for the day, you know. I've still got plenty in me. Perhaps we should only do a short rest and keep going." Shadowheart replies, "Agreed."
I wonder where did you get this expression. O_o
Astarion ... our drama queen ... a Noble, wich usualy means person who is MOST CERTAINY NOT used to hard work ... person who in curent game keeps barking "im exhausted, i dont understand how people do this whole day" ... out of the blue sudently wants to push to his limits as much as possible? O_o

Is there anything you are willing to keep as it is? laugh
Or whole game and all characters need to change, in order so you can fulfill your fantasy? :-/

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Dialogue triggers. Gale says, "I know I don't exactly look the best, but I think a short rest would suffice."
Yet another character change! laugh Marvelous!
The person who knows in details how ceremorphosis is working, and is personaly explaining you a bit later that there is something odd going on with you, since you should have started show symptoms allready ... will have to forget this teachings for now, just so you can have your "we want Short Rest" conversation. laugh

This is getting ridiculous.

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