Ok. Gonna try to respond briefly.

"More like your own interpretation of the story ..."

Many characters say especially in the beginning that you are on borrowed time. That's why I said SR fits more with the story. If you long rest too quickly, SH even tells you she doesn't think it is a good idea. So, story supports ending day infrequently.

"This is once again just your inability or unwillingness to accept any abstraction."

I was suggesting a slight change in dialogue to support the overall suggestion. The text in red is meant to try to point players towards SR by explaining that LR is actually taking the rest of the day off.

"And if you decide to SR what exactly happened?
You rewind time back to that first day, or shorten night so it lasts only for "an hour or two"? O_o"

I think you misunderstood something. My suggestion is that when you hit LR, the dialogue occurs right then. Time doesn't progress to night until you agree to LR. It stays day. So, if you choose SR, you continue the adventure that day. If you LR, THEN it becomes night at camp.

"And since then, when they are clear about this matter ... the game starts to stuff player with informations from every side of the world comforting them that there is no rush, and they have all the time they need."

Though they tell you there's no immediate rush, you could still turn at ANY moment. Also, the other stuff - ritual could complete at any time, goblins might attack, Mayrina could die...

"What did Shadowheard do during that time MC was resting?"

Short rest healing is about spending an hour eating, mending wounds, fixing armor, etc. Those who don't use SR would relax, keep watch, and kill time. This is common in D&D. In 5e, if you don't use Hit Dice, this is what is essentially happening.

The last two things you mentioned...

Just examples. I wasn't trying to make it word for word dictation. So, I agree. Those two might not care and say nothing, or they might say it differently. That's not the point. I wanted to provide an example of how more than 1 companion might react to player wanting to LR.

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