Hey folks!

Just wanted to bring up another little comparison that shows some decent options and possibilities.

This is Wren, or at least, it's one game space's version of her:

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

She's the halfling-equivalent race in this world space; they are a race of small (but fully adult) creatures that have more or less the same body proportion averages as humans, and they stand at approximately 3 feet tall, just like D&D halflings should.

Here are a few better shots of her in some better lighting:

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

And a quick more detailed front-back-side line up:

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

This is an example of good proportions for a small creature: she's definitely got human proportions, and she's definitely go the body of a mature adult of her species, undeniably so (As an aside, her bust is quite literally as small as I can make it in this game, and it's still very clearly developed and adult – in terms of strictly relative proportions, her bust is no smaller than mine).

Her proportions aren't quite the same as a regular humans; she's actually a little stockier than you'd expect on a human, and the extremities of her limbs are more solid in relation the rest of her body – only slightly, but tangibly so compared to human scale. Also, yes, her head Is slightly larger in relative terms to the rest of her body compared to a human...

However, with these proportional differences, as minor as they are, the model looks good; it looks like a healthy, mature creature that suites its own body and makes sense, and it doesn't create any uncanny discomfort. And she's adorable.

This is not hard; this game came out a few years ago now, and was remarked at the time for its character creator, which, incidentally – and this is for Larian! - Can be used to its full extent completely without the use of sliders! (sliders are an option, but there are multiple control methods that can achieve the same results, so you can use it completely slider free if you want.)

So let's do a quick side-by-side of how these characters look in their own game spaces:

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

On the left we have a figure that is 3 feet tall, has naturalised proportions for her size that are mostly human-adjacent – slightly larger head ratio (but still smaller than the human's head), slightly more solid lime extremities, but all subtle shifts to help the model look more natural, normal and healthy. There's no danger of her looking like or being mistaken for a human child with these size proportions – she's just a different type of creature.

On the right, a 4 - 4½ foot figure with exactly human-sized dimensions in some places, ridiculously tapered dimensions in others, and a literally-larger head than the human she's standing next to, which all come together to make a figure that doe not look healthy or natural in her own body at all, and is either badly deformed, or else is just a human exhibiting a form of dwarfism. It's not comfortable or satisfying at all.

Please, please, I'm asking anyone who still has the stamina and energy - please submit reports to Larian on the topic (Feedback form is Here) and ask them to fix this; the halfling models need to be fixed, they simply must be.