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I am still very much for a change of the Halfling model. And i really hope that larian does not ignore this.

No matter what anyone says about "not beeing mistaken for a child", i agree with Ragnarok on this. Ofc it can. Personally i don't really see an issue with that. There are normal adults in RL that can be mistaken for children and some children that look far older than they actually are. Nowadays there are 13 year old that
have a bust size of C and bigger.

I have read novels where halflings actually want to be mistaken for a human child. Especially Rogues laugh

There was a viral clip going around of a man with dwarfism boarding a bus and getting mistaken for a child by the guy behind him, who lifted him up by the armpits, because he thought he was helping a kid. It totally happens irl, and apparently being treated like kids because of their size is a big hot issue for many in the little people community.

But Pathfinder decided to make this a feature of Halfling, and they have the Childlike racial feat that gives them bonuses to bluff and disguise.