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Just creepy...queer...all of it. All you people liking this...man. Is this a generation thing?
The younger gamers (under 40) loving this weird manga like <im an adult> but look like a kid style? And that in game gnome lady with the axe...man straight out of an horror flick ROFL.

Why do we not have a game yet that can replicate all these quick ass amazing fantasy art portraits into a 3D game character??? This has been my dream since...I started playing RPGs in the 90s. Common Larian!!!

Can't save the world if you ain't cute. Nothing better than a Halfling who can absolutely wreck house.

But seriously. Not everyone likes the same aesthetics. I'd love a return to the old sword and sorcery style, if that meant more naked straining man thighs and barely covered bulging loincloths, but that's not to everyone's taste. The current Halfling models are bad though, and they need to be fixed, plenty of people in this thread agree on that point.

I've always disliked the bobble-head style that we seem to have gained with 5e. I prefer the 3e designs, which were more slim. They were even posted earlier in this thread:

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And yes, they were closer to that anime style small body than the bobbleheads we have now. You can try arguing that the bobblehead is a return to form, as that was common in AD&D and 1e, but they were also just Hobbits back then, and got changed to avoid being sued into oblivion by Tolkien.


I just realised I literally already talked about that in this same thread!

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