I desperately want to play a halfling character and take it seriously in this game since that was one of my go-to characters in the older Baldur's Gate games, but I am so put off by the character creator that I have to make them a joke to get any enjoyment out of it. My first character wound up being this guy, which I was very proud of for my cleverness:
George Hobbiton

As amusing as that was, I really don't want to play the joke character all that much. I want to play a real character that looks like an actual halfling. They didn't do weird crap to the people who played the hobbits in the Lord of the Rings, they just made camera angle decisions that made them look like small humans (and had a few stunt people who were small humans).

I've attempted to make female halflings and just get over the fact their weapon is embedded between their buttcheeks, but it really doesn't help when I watch the extremely awkward animations. I do not like these halflings as-is and this post essentially covers the biggest issues.