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Dear friends, a question for the connoisseurs of the 5th edition of DnD and Solasta. Solasta has a bonus feature that can be selected at level 4, Flawless Concentration (cancel the saving throw to maintain concentration when taking less than 10 damage). The question is how it is implemented in DnD 5 itself, and is there any chance to see something similar in bg 3. IMHO with this feature, playing as a druid becomes much less ass-burning.

It's actually a homebrew feat since Solasta can only use the SRD.

I think the closest thing to it in official DnD is the War Caster feat, which also has the same advantage on saving throws to maintain concentration that Flawless Concentration does. Except instead of canceling saving throws if you take 10 or less damage, you get the ability to cast spells as an opportunity attack reaction, and the ability to cast spells even with weapons and/or a shield taking up both hands (the latter of which I don't think BG3 will bother with, for good reason).