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I gues this is as good topic as any to mention this ...
I was just recently thinking about popular auto/ask/off suggestion ... and while i suported it in the past a lot ... i may have find a tiny detal that can potentialy make quite some mess. :-/

TBH I feel the same but for different reasons.
I'd also like to have full control or at least a better control than the ON/OFF thing.

But playing bards highlight something else... I just dont want the game to "ask" me things so often.
With combat inspiration it could lead to :
- Attack roll : ask
- Damage roll : ask
- Ennemies turns : ask (ST, AC)

I love the system in solasta but lets be honnest, it annoyed me a lot sometimes (a reason why i never re-played a paladin) and it really break the flow of combats. I'm not sure I'll enjoy playing bards if it may mean 4+ more reaction popup in a round...

I guess universal toggles set on "ask" would become boring really fast due to the number of possibilities some class features may lead to (depending our subclasses and party composition).

And what about individual toggles ?
Does the combat inspiration gives 4 toggles to set up on/ask/off or a single one ?
Managing 4 toggles is already a pain. I cannot imagine what it would be if it was deeper than "on/off"...
But a single one doesnt give you any control if not set on "ask" and will ask you a lot of time if it is. So what ?

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