How do you say "auto against stronger ennemies" with a toggle ? Should they add multiple toggles for everything so we can enable/disanle things ?

You're right with divine smite but it can be used during an AoO.
So lets imagine we have set all reactions on "ask", the game is going to ask if we're doing the AoO and THEN if we use pur divine smite + which spellslot ?

On top of that, what when 5 ennemies are moving together with the new "swarm AI" ?

The more I think about it, the more I think we should be able to manually configure our reactions during our turns with specific options to have more control.

Like Hellish Rebuke.
The problem with Hellish rebuke, in my opinion is not that you have to cast it before. It's that I have zero control on the target.
The game could just ask me to target lets say up to 5 ennemies (or click the "all ennemies icon") before casting the spell.
Lets say I choose 5 targets, the first one in the initiative order among those that's attacking me I've selected burns.

If I can "recast it for free" at each turn, I have way more control on the triggers than currently for the price of an additional things during our turns on top of not adding flow breaking questions during rounds.

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