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How do you say "auto against stronger ennemies" with a toggle ? Should they add multiple toggles for everything so we can enable/disanle things ?
DAO tactics system letsgooo

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The more I think about it, the more I think we should be able to manually configure our reactions during our turns with specific options to have more control.
If I can "recast it for free" at each turn, I have way more control on the triggers and less flow breaking questions during rounds.
Eh. If we have to recast reaction abilities each turn, specifying the targets each time, then I feel that will end up with *more* clicking than pop-up prompts.

You dont have to. You can if the reaction hasn't triggered yet.
I'm not sure but if I'm not wrong DAO has some kind of sheet to manage the AI of companions that could apply. Seriously I don't have a lot of fun managing things written in a virtual book. But it may be a mistake, or just an opinion.

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