This is what I have in mind to interract with reactions.
Skills you can customized "and cast" during your turns to define which reactions will be available during the round for your characters.
It would also allow us to manually select our targets.

No, it's not how it works in DnD

You don't have a popup that break the flow of combats constantly.
You'll have a decent control over your reactions. The reactions trigger under YOUR target's conditions when you've enabled them.
Creating "customized skills" seems fun gameplay-wise. Toggles used to custom your variations.
Re-doing said customized "spells" because the situation has changed a few turns later seems appealing tacticaly too.
It doesn't prevent to keep the actual system (on/off toggle on characters hotbar) as a secondary tool for players that want to go a bit deeper into management when a reaction has been made available.
Default options could be defined on "Select all" and with all variations toggled ON (as it works now).

The biggest next question I now have in mind is : when should ressources (spellslots, bardic dices, superiority, remaining charges,...) be consummed ?

- If they're consumed right when you use the skill :
Everything become a Hellish Rebuke. It mean that you spend a ressource for something that may never happen. Even if you can recast it freely at each turn to re-configure it, you'll still don't have your spellslot left, maybe killing your chances to win because a Feather Fall would have finally been better.

- If they're consumed when the reaction trigger it means that you don't have any limitations to prepare your reactions :
You can cast as much things as you want at each turn until you don't have the minimum requirement left (after which the whole toggles would be removed on all characters and impossible to "create").
But what if you have 1 bardic dice left ? You can customize as much reactions as you want but it will be deleted after 1 on them trigger ?

It doesn't seem to be an issue to me because I usually know what kind of reactions I'd like to use, when and VS which target(s)... I won't have to spend "too much" time into this. You can go deeper. You can go shallower.
But we should absolutely have to be able to change our mind at least during our turns (remove the custom reaction, choose another variation or different targets,...).

In th end I'm absolutely not sure we'd have (a lot) more click to do with such a system than with the current one or the "ask me anything" one.

It would not give us a FULL control though.

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