I'm just now sitting here thinking, can you all imagine what it would be like if Solasta didn't exist? What would the feedback in BG3 EA even look like if there wasn't such a clear frame of reference for many of the systems?

Lately there's been an anti-reaction push on the subreddit and it's just baffling. That said, that one thread on the subreddit has a ton of people on both sides accusing each other of being a vocal minority, so I'm kind of interested in starting up a poll on there to really see how the community feels about this. Let's say that regardless of whatever plan Larian has in regards to reactions, what would people prefer more, the current reaction system or a complete Solasta-style reaction overhaul?

(Don't actually answer that question in this thread. Or answer, if you want. Can't stop you.)

I've been thinking about some sort of gambit system in regards to reactions. Solasta already has reactions not trigger if they wouldn't affect the end result regardless, but we could probably go a step further than that. Like we could have it so that we aren't prompted for 'defensive reactions' if the incoming enemy attack does less than X damage and/or could be potentially lethal if the attack lands (if the character's current HP is lower than whatever condition we set for the former setting). And we could have a setting where we aren't prompted for 'offensive reactions' such as Smite and Hellish Rebuke if the enemy is below X amount of HP and/or their current HP is low enough that they would be KO'd by the base weapon damage die alone, if applicable.

And then there could be a toggle that flips between 4 options: 'Use Normal Reaction Settings' (which involves the settings above), 'Ask for all Reactions', 'Never ask for Reactions - use automatically', and 'Never ask for Reactions - Do not use Reactions'. The latter three obviously acting as overrides to whatever settings you have.

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